How can Rewind Help my Birth Trauma?

How do I know this if for me?

30% of all parents would describe their birth as traumatic and this doesn't even cover those that have suffered miscarriage or still birth, so first of all I want to say you're not alone.


Often a traumatic brith can be dismissed as 'one of those things that happens'. But it doesn't need to be something you push to the back of your mind, or pretend didn't happen or just accept you will always feel this way. 


If you have feelings of hopelessness, panic, anger, disappointment........... 

imagine if you could not only acknowledge these feelings and their impact on your emotional wellbeing but actually but work to lessen the negative emotions and physical responses they evoke.

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What is the result?

By the end of the process we aim to neutralise the unpleasant feelings associated with birth trauma.

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How does it work?

Sometimes women and men can find remembering their birth and it brings up memories that they find distressing and negative feelings that were present during the actual trauma. These then become inextricably, biologically linked to the memory of the event due to the way our brains are wired. So I lead you through a process to unhook the feelings from the memory. This way the memory and knowledge gained  still exists but it no longer provokes anxiety, panic, guilt, anger or sadness allowing you to move forward. The hypnosis part of it can also help to restore feelings of calm and confidence.


The cost

 Three hour long sessions either in person in Twickenham or via zoom 


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