Are you worried that your chosen birth partner won't be able to support you during labour either due to illness, work commitments or childcare issues?

I am now offering packages with as little as 24 hours notice for birth support during this time so that you are not alone. 

If you find yourself scared that you don't know what to expect at this time and have concerns about who will be there to support you then this is for you. 

No woman should be afraid and feel alone at such a critical time, so I want to ensure that expectant couples know there is someone that can be there for you. Whether you want me at the end of the phone, or in person I will endeavour to comfort you emotionally or physically during labour and your baby's birth. 

Emergency  Doula Support During the CV-19 outbreak

The Packages

Birth Doula  & antenatal options

Virtual Support via phone & Facetime 

If you find yourself in a situation where you are worried you will be alone in labour but do not want full physical support then I can be available via phone to you 24hours a day. To reassure, offer tips for comfort measures, and emotionally support you during labour. 


Emergency birth partner 

Should you find yourself without a suitable birth partner when labour is imminent this option mean's I will physically come to support you when in labour. Either meeting at home or hospital I will be there with you while you need me and support you as your birth plan determines during your baby's birth & immediately afterwards


Online antenatal & birth 


Preparing for birth at this time is a little confusing and I'm offering sessions of 2hours to help you prepare and navigate the NHS at this time. Whether it be that your birth plans have changed, you're looking for more information or you'd like hypnobirthing sessions please contact me to discuss

Price dependent on requirements

What people say

Jemma was there by my side though every wobble and when I needed her at the birth she magically appeared like a fairy godmother bringing food and smoothies. I couldn't imagine having a baby without her by my side - everyone needs a Jemma.

"Firstly a huge thank you to you for everything - the knowledge and background you gave both of us around labour and birth was truly invaluable and I felt so much more confident about it all knowing that MY choices were paramount, and not just to be swept along in the system because of various protocols."

- Emily (Mother)

“My wife wanted a birth doula and at first I wasn't sure why we needed one. The after five minutes of speaking to Jemma I knew we had to have her support bringing our baby into the world. She was there for me as much as my wife and baby (not that I admit that to many people).”

- Tom (Father)

- Sian (Mother)