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Stilettos to Strollers - This is intelligent birthing

Birth preparation and support that is innovative; developed utilising years of expertise to create the most valuable investment in your journey to becoming parents.


STS offers unique courses that cover all types of birth thanks to a modern approach & birth support that is there to empower you.  Your baby’s birth isn’t just one day, it's with you both forever - this is why we strive to replace fear with confidence, preconceived ideas with facts and to empower parents to take charge of how they bring their baby into the world. 


Walking with you until you're holding your baby.... antenatal sessions

The STS courses have been designed to provide a full, well rounded antenatal program.  Which encompasses not only globally recognises Hypnobirthing methods, relaxation, up-to-date information & statistics - but what makes it stand out - is that it's been developed from actually attending & watching birth unfold as well as experiencing it myself. All STS courses are unique and have been exclusively developed to give you all of the knowledge you need to take control of your birth. 


All the antenatal classes include information on biomechanics & step by step tools you can use before and during labour. The classes are designed for parents across the world having coached couples from Greece to Australia, America to Germany. Unlike other pre-recorded hypnobirthing courses ours keeps constantly evolving to be up-to-date with the latest evidence & research. As well as teaching you the techniques of hypnobirthing, it gives you the information to make your own decisions to help achieve the best outcome for you however that may look. 

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To find out more about STS courses, forth trimester planning or to discuss doula birth support just drop me a note.

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