I want women to feel safe, supported and prepared. Through my work I want to help you  to replace fear with confidence, preconceived ideas with facts and to empower women to take charge of how they bring their baby into the world.  

My Philosophy
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Preparing for your

4th trimester

What is the 4th trimester?

The 4th Trimester is the first days and weeks after having your baby, when you are both getting to know each other and learning your new world & routine. 

While it’s a magical time, it can also be a tough one, while  you recover from your birth experience and learn how to care for your baby. This is also a time when parents can find themselves feeling isolated, tired and listening to advice that isn't fact based resulting in second-guessing themselves.


Any parent who’s ever Googled “how much should a newborn sleep?” at 3am will testify to this! 

Arming yourself with what to expect, what is normal newborn behaviour and a tonne of  knowledge to navigate the early weeks is a huge part of laying the foundations for a positive postpartum period - whether you’re pregnant or have already had your baby.


This knowledge from an expert rather than hearsay is priceless. Going into parenthood armed with what to expect and tools to help. 

Costs & timings

STS offers one-to-one sessions in the comfort of your own home around Central, West, South West London and Surrey areas or anywhere in the world via ZOOM.

121 Cost: 

£150 or £110 via zoom


If your group course would like to add this session on or if you can get a group of 3+ together the session can be run via zoom at a cost of £75 per couple

Please remember that all classes count as antenatal care so your employer is obliged to offer you & you partner time off to attend.

What will I learn?

The STS Postpartum Course will take you through what to expect in the first hours and weeks of having your baby, practical tools and support you need to navigate the fourth trimester (and beyond!)


By the end of our session you'll leave feeling calm, confident and capable, helping you to have  a positive postnatal period.

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