Now you've had a baby

The 4th Trimester and beyond

The 4th Trimester is the first days and weeks after having your baby, when you are both getting to know each other and learning your new world & routine. 

While it’s a magical time, it can also be a tough one, while  you recover from your birth experience and learn how to care for your baby. This is also a time when parents can find themselves feeling isolated, tired and listening to advice that isn't fact based resulting in second-guessing themselves.



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Any parent who’s ever Googled “how much should a newborn sleep?” at 3am will testify that arming yourself with what to expect, what is normal newborn behaviour and a tonne of  knowledge to navigate the early weeks is a huge part of laying the foundations for a positive postpartum period - whether you’re pregnant or have already had your baby.

This knowledge from an expert rather than hearsay is priceless. Going into parenthood armed with what to expect and tools to help.


Don't  forget  to plan......

Preparation is key!


STS offers a range of postnatal courses. From one-to-one 4th trimester planning and prep sessions to working together to process traumatic birth experiences using the Three Step Rewind method.


All courses are available in the comfort of your own home around Central, West, South West London and Surrey areas or anywhere in the world via ZOOM.

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The STS Postpartum Course will take you through what to expect in the first hours and weeks of having your baby, practical tools and support you need to navigate the fourth trimester (and beyond!)


By the end of our session you'll leave feeling calm, confident and capable, helping you to have  a positive postnatal period.

Each course is tailored to your needs, many cover:

  •  The first 24 hours

  • Basics of feeding your baby

  •  What your recovery might look like. 

  • What to expect with baby's sleep

  • Planning together how the first couple of weeks may look 

  • Nourishing yourself 


£110 via zoom
£150 in person in your home



30% of all parents would describe their birth as traumatic and this doesn't even cover those that have suffered miscarriage or still birth, so first of all I want to say you're not alone.


Often a traumatic brith can be dismissed as 'one of those things that happens'. But it doesn't need to be something you push to the back of your mind, or pretend didn't happen or just accept you will always feel this way. 


If you have feelings of hopelessness, panic, anger, disappointment........... Imagine if you could not only acknowledge these feelings and their impact on your emotional wellbeing but actually but work to lessen the negative emotions and physical responses they evoke.

Some, women and men can find thinking about their birth brings up memories that they find distressing and negative feelings that were present during the actual trauma.


These then become inextricably, biologically linked to the memory of the event due to the way our brains are wired.


During the rewind sessions  I lead you through a process to unhook the feelings from the memory. This way the memory and knowledge gained  still exists but it no longer provokes anxiety, panic, guilt, anger or sadness allowing you to move forward. The hypnosis part of it can also help to restore feelings of calm and confidence.

£165 via zoom
£200 in person

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