I want women to be proud of their birth experience. As London's premium hypnobirthing course taught by a modern mum the aim is to replace fear with confidence, preconceived ideas with facts and to empower women to take charge of how they bring their baby into the world.  This is hypnobirthing taught in a contemporary way,  in stylish locations. 

The STS Philosophy


What is all the fuss about?

Some people think hypnobirthing is about breathing, or just the relaxations and affirmations, but that is not the case on this course. There is so much science and logic behind each section of what is taught and this may not be the only thin that surprises you.

Partly thanks to media coverage and many celebrities now being open about their birth experience and singing the praises of hypnobirthing, it is becoming more common for women to choose this route. Midwives support it and when it comes to having a baby -  knowledge really is power. Without knowing our choices, you don’t have any. Many women associate birth with the movies where we see drama and a medical emergency (it’s better viewing) but once they become pregnant and start to look into it, the realisation dawns for many that it doesn’t need to be this way. I know I was like this with my first child, I went from ‘get me and epidural and when can I get back to work’ to having a water birth at home! It was my education on the process of birth that changed my view.

Stilettos to Strollers London & Surrey Hypnobirthing courses provide the knowledge for you to have a calm and controlled birth experience.  Imagine if you rocked up on your wedding day, never having seen the venue, let your planner order the flowers and your mother choose the dress? Of course you’d be stressed about it, yet we take this attitude with birth all the time. By making time to prepare and to know and understand what the day is likely to have in store for you will have more confidence and feel less stress in the build up and on the day. 

Throughout the hypnobirthing course you will cover:

  1. How your body works and how you can work with it

  2. Learn about the multitude of options available to you

  3. Adopt a way to help you make informed decisions

  4. Understand how your partner can play a role in birth and support you

  5. Practice relaxation and learn how it can help you in labour

  6. You will also cover step by step what to expect and how to copy with each stage of labour, including the all important questions of when to go to the hospital and which pain management might be right for you if you decide to use it

Some of the benefits of Hypnobirthing include:

  • You are likely to experience a more comfortable birth because you understand what the sensations are and how your body works

  • Your baby will arrive into a relaxed environment, because you know how to create this

  • Your first hour together will help bonding and offer health benefits to both mother & child. 

  • Length of labour is often much shorter with hypnobirthing births.

  • As a result less drugs and medical intervention are used. 

  • The physical impact of labour is  often reduced, meaning mums are up and about sooner

  • Most importantly for many your birth partner will learn how to support you and have a central and active role in the birth. Creating a truly shared experience.

This is London based course, with group venues in Fulham, Kensington, Richmond and Twickenham  and Cobham. With private sessions, refresher courses and caesarean courses available  

Hypnobirthing teacher
Jemma Leighton 
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hypnobirthing twickenham in United Kingdom

The Hypnobirthing Course

This hypnobirthing course has been designed to provide a full, well rounded antenatal program.  Which encompasses KG & MM Hypnobirthing methods, relaxation, up-to-date information and statistics along with learnings from active birth and Jemma's own doula experiences. The classes are designed especially for mothers in the UK. and will keep  constantly evolving to keep up-to-date with the latest evidence and research. As well as teaching you the techniques of hypnobirthing, it gives you the information to make your own decisions to help achieve the best outcome for you and your baby.

As part of the package you will also receive a Hypnobirthing Book, 5 x MP3s, a pocket size booklet of accompanying course notes, affirmation cards, access to a full team of amazing experts, a goody bag with a number of discounts for services and shops, and of course ongoing support from me until you’re holding your baby

The Birth Collective

As the saying goes, 'it takes a village' and luckily I have a host of amazing people that can help to ensure you are comfortable during pregnancy, help you through preparation for labour, hold your hand at the birth and and offer advice with postnatal issues such as breastfeeding. We even have a couple of recommendations to help you celebrate your new arrival.

Richmnd Hypnobirthing location


STS offers one-to-one hypnobirthing courses where I am happy to teach in the comfort of your own home around Central, West & South West London or Surrey areas or via ZOOM.


The group classes are also kept small to ensure a personalised experience.

There is the option of weekend hypnobirthing groups held over 2 x half days in Richmond/Twickenham & Chelsea.


Hypnobirhting courses take place across four fantastic luxury venues.

  • Buhti, a stunning eco wellness centre on Richmond Hill

  • The Yoga Bar, a tranquil studio in leafy Twickenham

  • The Baby Cot Shop, a beautiful boutique on the Kings Road.

  • Evolve Wellness, a relaxing yoga studio in South Kensington 

All are easily accessible by, tube,  south west rail and road. 

Please remember that all classes count as antenatal care so your employer is obliged to offer you & you partner time off to attend.

Water birth baby

STS Babies

There are so many lovely, positive birth stories from STS parents and they take many forms. From water birth, to c-sections both planned and not, hospital births to home births. Here you can read how some some the cutest gang ever came earthside. 


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