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About Jemma 

Hi, I'm Jemma the founder of stilettos to strollers. Before you sign up to my hypnobirthing course  or birth rewind sessions I'd like to tell you a bit more about my beliefs and why I am so passionate about helping mothers to experience a positive birth.  If you read one page on this site this is probably the most important one as the reason I set up STS was because I couldn't find a hypnobirthing teacher that was 'like me' when I was searching . I ended up driving half way across London to attend a course taught by someone I felt I could connect with.  Because of this I am devoted to proving that practicing hypnobirthing and having an active birth does not make you a 'hippy dippy' but actually an educated and knowledgable woman.   

In all honesty before I became pregnant I assumed having a baby meant going into hospital and begging for as much pain management during labour as possible. However when I was expecting my first chiId I spent a lot of time not just following the weekly progress of my unborn baby and learning about how my body was changing al la 'What to Expect When You're Expecting,' but I took it one step further. Before deciding on what type of birth I wanted I researched the process of labour itself and all of my options. Here in London and the rest of the UK we are lucky enough to have so many options available to us, but this does present a minefield to navigate and with so many (mainly negative) messages or birth stories from TV, film and other mothers where do you start.

I discovered the positive birth movement from my yoga teacher (who later became my doula) and upon learning about the benefits, of an active birth I was sold. Alongside this I had also heard about hypnobirthing,  so signed up to a course and after attending our first session  my partner and I were not only convinced of the benefits of hypnobirthing, but after some resreach also decided on a home birth and a water birth. Don't worry I don't push this on everyone, but we will discuss the options open to you and the pros and cons of each setting. 

After being fortunate enough to experience a successful, calm and positive hypnobirth myself first time around I often referred to the event as 'lucky'. I have since been corrected that it wasn't luck but preparation and knowledge that achieved that lovely atmosphere and calm environment to bring my baby into the world in. Since hearing other negative birth stories I have gone on a bit of a mission to help women understand their bodies and to show that labour isn't something that should be feared.  I've since had my second baby with another lovely calm hypnobirth and it's made me even more passionate about helping women to understand birth. 

I would love to help you and your birthing partner to eradicate any fears you might have and to provide you with the tools that set you on a path to birth your baby confidently in the way you choose to do so.