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The dictionary definition of a doula is: A woman, typically without formal obstetric training, who is employed to provide guidance and support to a pregnant woman during labour or after birth.


Though I feel this underplays the role enormously. I like the idea of looking at a doula as a replacement for the lady in the village that knew everything, or for some it’s like having a sister or mother with you. We know so many tips and tricks and can do anything from rub your back, to making sure you are eating and drinking, helping you into positions, timing contractions, calling the midwife to driving you to hospital. But most of all to be honest just having someone next to you and supporting  you,  is so wonderfully reassuring and sadly in many circumstances a midwife isn’t able to do this and be with you throughout your whole labour via the NHS. 


Postnatal Doula - What is included?

For postnatal support I typically offer visits of 3 or 4 hours in length, which can be once a week or up to five times a week depending on what you require.   This is all about nurturing the mother and the new family: helping you adjust to your new lives as parents, giving you a chance to re-charge, offering guidance on newborn cues, supporting you on your feeding journey either breastfeeding or bottle, helping with baby soothing, bathing, changing  and bonding. My main aim is to  ensure these first few weeks and your 4th trimester are as smooth as can be.

As a postnatal doula I am there to support you as you need, my job is to be your reassurance, provide you with information and be your supporting arm. I focus my attention on the postnatal mother and new baby, please note that I do not undertake childcare for older children. 


I offer a number of packages and it's about making this work for you so please do contact me to discuss. 

Birth packages:


2 x  antenatal preparation meetings, birth attendance & 1 x postnatal visit  – £1,100


1 x antenatal preparation meeting, a full hypnobirthing course, birth attendance & 1 x postnatal visit – £1,350

Bugaboo - Shared care 

1 x antenatal preparation meeting with both doulas, a full hypnobirthing course, birth attendance & 1 x postnatal visit. 

24 hours (divided into 3/4hr sessions) of postnatal care– £2,000

Attendance to antenatal appointments and  extra preparations meetings can be added to packages if required

I also work with a small collective of doulas so there will always be a back-up in place in case of an emergency

Postnatal Support discussed on client needs:

Example costs- 

20 our bundle - £500

Overnight doula (8pm- 6.30am) fee  - £150

Visits can be  once a week or five times a week it depending on your needs.  Please note that care is for the mother and new baby, not childcare for older children. 

*expenses are not included in fees and will be billed after the postnatal visit

Please feel free to get in contact and arrange a coffee to meet and learn more. 


I’m happy supporting all kinds of births – whether you are giving birth in a hospital, birthing centre, or at home, and whether you are high risk, low risk, planning a vaginal birth, vbac, caesarean.  My goal is for you to have a positive birth experience as you define it.

Another thing you have with a doula is an advocate, we’ll have two meetings before hand to discuss your birth wishes and any worries. I then become someone who not only supports you, but can help to empower your partner to ask questions and push for your wishes to be adhered to - many say we act as the middle (wo)man between medical support and couples. We are not just for home births, or water births or even natural births. In fact I am happy to prepare you for and attend c-sections and many women find it helpful to have a doula for induced births too. 


I typically offer 2 x antenatal sessions and my on-call period runs from 10 days before you EDD - 43weeks, 24 hours a day until after your baby has been born. We then have a postnatal visit normally a week or two after the baby has arrived 

Shared care

Shared care is two doulas working together both bringing our experience and skills.



We attend one ante natal session together so you get to know us both and we then split your on call period with the other available as back up; meaning that during your birth you are guaranteed to be supported by one of us - a familiar face who you already know and trust. It also means in the case of an emergency we have no need to call in an emergency back-up who you would not know.



Should you have a very long labour it also means that we can seamlessly swap in with each other providing you with a fresh doula who is best equipped to support you. So you get two amazing doulas for the price of one!

We offer a package of shared care which is an antenatal with us both, hypnobirthing with Jemma, joint on call (so one of us will attend your birth) and 24 hours of postnatal support from Zoe.

Zoe - aka The Surrey Doula

Jemma Leighton 
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Even after our first meeting with Jemma, I just felt more empowered and confident about my baby's birth.

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