• Jemma

Are you getting enough?

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

Expressing, pumping, milking...... It's a hormonal thing you know.

I have been pumping on and off for nearly four years now! Yes, four years! So you'd think I was a dab hand at it - sadly not. As with breastfeeding it's a bit of a skill and takes practice. This time around with baby number two I've only really expressed when I've needed to, if I'm leaving him with someone basically or if he's missed a feed for some reason like this week while he's been ill and totally gone off the boob.

One time that I had to pump was last month while I was away on a course for two days, I was in a room full of birth professionals so I knew it would be fine for me to empty my boobs every so often. What I didn't know was that I was sitting with an amazing lactation consultant and once we got chatting she shared a host of tips with me. These are too good to keep to myself so I asked her to write a little guest blog for me.

Meet Ros - from Breastfeeding Hub

I am Rosamund McFadden, but unless I am in trouble you can call me Ros.  have been a registered midwife for almost 9 years, working in the hospital and community settings, but for the last four years I have specialised in the area of breastfeeding, a long time passion of mine after breastfeeding all four of my children with varying success.

In 2014 I qualified as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and was promoted into the role of Infant Feeding Lead Midwife at Milton Keynes University hospital in 2016. I took on the project lead role for the UNICEF Baby Friendly Initiative and became a qualified tongue tie practitioner after training with the University Hospital Southampton NHS trust.

The other week I was sitting in a lovely house about to embark on two days of training, I discovered I was in a room of fellow midwives, when in walked a latecomer with a plastic bag full of her lunch, I presumed, but from which I also recognised the cream hue of a breast pump. It's an occupational hazard tuning into a lactating mother (I'm an IBCLC), Lactation Consultant for those who don't recognise those 5 little letters.