• Jemma

Shopping for a new baby - cyber sales

Not only is it enough to be growing and having a baby, you also feel the pressure to shop for them and get the newest, best, top notch items. I'm going to caveat this post with there are so many things that people tell you are 'must haves', but before I even start on products I want to remind you that all your baby needs at first is their mum, nappies and baby grows.... everything else isn't important. Also lots of this stuff you can pick up second hand.. I get both my kids loads of stuff from facebook marketplace as they grow out of it all so fast.

That aside if you are on the hunt for a cyber week bargain here are my top picks all of them are linked for you.

Travel systems / Buggys

The coverts in to a double one.... Cybex Gazelle S Travel System - £963.76 (worth £1,204.70)

The light one for travellers...... Babyzen YOYO bundle - £737.00 (Worth £824)

The easy to use one....... Mamas & Papas Flip XT3 7 piece bundle - £741 (Worth £1,241)

The big basket one........Sliver Cross Coast bundle - £745 (worth £1,305) (extra 10% off with code EXTRA10)