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Black Friday for mamas to be

There are so many 'must haves items for a new baby, but having just added number three myself here is my list of what I think you actually need for you and where you can save big this week. I've only included items that are on offer or amazing deals this is by no way an exhaustive list.

I'm sure you've done all the research and tested all the travel systems.... but have you considered what you need as a new mum?

Third Trimester Must Have's

- This gorgeous body butter is lovely to massage into your bump at night currently with 30%

- Sleep, sleep, sleep is all you can think about and often hard to get while you're uncomfortable. The bbhugeme pillow is the favourite for many pregnant mamas.

Chances are you're not feeling that glam atm as comfort is key when you are heavily pregnant, so enjoy some lovely fluffy slippers with a bit of bling.

Labour Must Haves

- Essential oils are always a go to for me, and peppermint or a citrus smell is fabulous if you feel sick or drained at all in the early stages of labour, get these and the body butter above together with one more item for extra 10% off

- A good diffuser will see you through pregnancy, labour, postnatal and onwards. Get one with a colour changing light to use it as your nightlight durring 3am feeds.

- Good quality hair ties are a must. Use code SELFCCE

- Drinking in labour is essential, so do it in style with a nice water bottle.

Hospital Bag Essentials

- We often get cold feet in labour... so it's a good excuse to treat yourself to come cashmere socks. My favourite are on sale with 20% off using the code JOY20

- Luxury wash bag essentials, that first shower feels amazing so enjoy it with some lovey treats too!

- In postnatal wards you'll find you get dry skin, so load up with top notch moisturiser.

- Don't forget the actual hospital bag.... with wheels makes it easier for when it's time to come home too and you have a little more to carry.

- Lovely soft, front opening pyjamas are a must if you're breastfeeding. Size up for comfort and remember you'll have a little belly for a while.


Postnatal Secrets

- Silver nipple shields are the best kept secret of the mum world.... if you are planning to breastfeed your baby I'd say they are a must buy. The silver has healing properties and also catches your milk, meaning no more dry, cracked, painful nipples.

- Treat yourself to a lovely simple cardigan that you can pop on when guests come over. You'll feel a bit more together in it and it dresses up those tshirts & leggings simply.

- A comfortable and stylish carrier is as much for you as baby....

- A breast pump can be your 'breastfriend' and there are some great deals around. I use the medal swing and it's currently on offer.

* This post does contain some affiliate links, you do not pay any more on the price but I might get a couple of pennies if you purchase via my link.


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