• Jemma

Carry me home

I have made no secret about the fact that I love baby carrying, I was always a fan of it but since having my second child it’s become a necessity. It allows me to do things around the house, play with Everley or walk the dog without worrying and it also magically calms Rory right down easily.  Babies love to feel close and hear your heartbeat, so by popping them in a carrier you’er both happy!

It is now more common to see people carrying babies and young children in slings/carriers, though I have been asked ‘if I just made my sling with a piece of material’ and also had it referred to as a ‘bit hippy and mother earth’…. Like seriously! I’m so greedy I have three carriers, with Zoe’s tips below you’ll understand why. There has been a rise in the number of sling libraries and consultants and I highly recommend finding your local one to suss out the perfect carrier for you before you spend all the money on buying one.

Zoe is a sling consultant who holds group and 121 sessions throughout Surrey – check her out @theslingconsultancy

Zoe has kindly pulled together some top tips for choosing a sling/carrier for me to share with you:

1. Don’t buy what your friend /physio/osteo/shop assistant/magazine says!