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Hector's Birth - A Calm C-section

I often get asked by people if hypnobirthing is relevant for mums planning a c-section or I get comments such as: “what’s the point as my preparation will all go out the window if I end up with a cesarean". Both trigger me to start giving the low down on what a hypnobirthing course actually is and is not.

It’s not about pushing a home or water birth, it’s not about going drug free, it’s not about free birth.

It’s a scientific, fact based antenatal course which takes you through the options available for having a baby in the UK. How your body works and the benefits of relaxation with the tools to do this, whilst also empowering your partner so that they can support you. It's mainly about helping you to make educated decisions surrounding your baby's birth.

Little hector came into the world via c-section and here his mummy Emily tells their story.

Newborn Hector

So I have a small confession to make- I have been absolutely terrified of giving birth for as long as I can remember and when I found out we were expecting a baby I was super excited but the thought of the birth process filled me with dread. We spoke to the midwives at the hospital and were referred to see a mental health midwife who was there to help with my fears around birth. She recommended that I should sign up to a hypnobirthing course and this is where I came across Stilettos to strollers.

Rodney and I came to the sessions with an open mind, but I was still slightly terrified and secretly wanting a cesarean. The opposite thing that most people want, but a natural birth somehow seemed very daunting and scary to me.

We attended a number of therapy sessions at the hospital and in the end the midwives recommended that it would be best if I had a cesarean. There was also the added concern that my placenta was low lying, so might get in the way of the natural birth process.

Having said this- the techniques that we learnt at hypnobirthing were invaluable. Having never had an operation before- walking into surgery was terrifying. I was so nervous but Rodney reminded me to practice my breathing techniques and before hand we had used the fear release MP3 to let go of my worry. During the operation he was also doing the soft touch massage we'd learnt on my arm whilst I was having the baby which was very calming and helped distract away from the sensations I was feeling.

All in all I think back very fondly and had a lovely experience. Hector had a safe, happy birth and Rodney and I decided that the route we took worked for us.

Although it was a very different approach to most, we felt that hypnobirthing had empowered us to believe in a safe and happy birth and we found that the techniques taught definitely calmed us down and left me feeling empowered to make the right choice for us.



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