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Are you wanting to really rest & recover in your postnatal period? Do you worry about taking care of your newborn? Are you tired and need some rest or support? Would you like a couple of nights of sleep knowing someone is with your baby?


As your postnatal Doula, I’ll work with you and your family to create a space where you can feel nurtured, valued and supported. I’m a listening ear, an extra pair of hands and a knowledgeable friend. No judgement, no agenda just lots of warmth and compassion as you make the transition to life with a new baby


As your postnatal doula, my support is always non-judgemental, caring and I like to think I help you to relax into parenthood a little more. I can offer flexible support and help whatever that might look like for you. It is about you adjusting to life with your newborn, and I will be there with you whether you need someone for a couple of hours, a regular help or some support in the night. 

I am a mother of three and after having my third I (for the first time) truly respected the fourth trimester and now i'm passionate about helping other mothers do the same. Taking it slowly, at your own pace, mothering in your own way and not feeling pressured to hit milestones or please others. I am there to help you during this time, whether that's taking over household chores, helping you learn how to care for your newborn, giving you a chance to rest or being a companion that you can really trust. 

Through my own experience I can offer peer support for breastfeeding, sign post for feeding issues such as reflux and tongue tie.


What postnatal doulas do




20 hours of postnatal support

Minimum of 2hr blocks* depending on your location 

Does not include overnight support




By the hour £25ph with a minimum booking of 3hrs


Overnight 8.30pm - 6.30am £190


Kind words


Where do I start? I am so happy I found Jemma. Having my first child in a new country was scary and she felt like a sister to me in those early months. I never felt silly or judged for not knowing how or what to do. She gave me information and was so patient as she helped me and my husband those the sleepless hazy days. 

Kerri & Andrew -
St Margarets


Having someone turn up at your door with treats and listen to your worries while preparing lunch, then taking your baby for a walk while you take a shower and have a nap is the care and support every new mother should have. I look back on those early days with such fondness and a big reason for that is having Jemma to support us.  

VIctoria & James  - Fulham


As a mother having a baby alone, having Jemma by my side postnatally was a Godsend. Sometimes I was just exhausted and she would come in sweep me up and send me to bed then look after Olive overnight until her morning feed. She would then bring me a snuggly baby to feed and go and make me breakfast. I always looked forward to those nights and even now two years on I am still in contact with questions and she's only too happy to help.

Farah & Olive - Richmond

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