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Breech Babies

Recently I have spoken to a number of people experiencing a breech baby and they are stricken with panic as soon as those words are mentioned. There are a number of ways you can help your baby to turn and I always point people in the direction of But I always try to reassure mothers that this doesn't straight away mean you need to book that c-section, and even if you do it can still be a wonderful birthing experience.

The wise words of Mary Cronk articulate this beautiful and I will leave you with them:

You have some difficult decisions to make. I can give you the following information. Breech presenting babies are unusual but in my opinion normal. After a study since open to much criticism (The Hannah Trial) in 2011 there was a swing towards all breeches being born by Caesarean section. This resulted in the loss of experience in midwives and medics in helping breeches to be born normally. With my colleague Jane Evans I have been running study days throughout Britain to help midwives learn or relearn the skills necessary to help women birth their breech presenting babies safely and normally. You can choose to birth your breech presenting baby normally IF you can be attended by a practitioner with the experience and skill to assist you. If you decide to go down this path you need to write to the head of midwifery and state your intentions and require her to ensure that there are midwives skilled and experienced on call and available to attend you. The place of birth is not all that important, it is having skilled experienced practitioners available. - Mary Cronk

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