• Jemma

How to get labour started

Updated: Jan 23, 2019

Yeah right, do you really think I know the answer to that one? If I did I would be one very rich lady. However I am always asked about ways to get things going. Whether you’re excited to just meet your baby, fed up of getting bigger and heavier or you’re trying to avoid induction, I do have some words of wisdom to share with you, which may help. I recently shared these tips with a good friend and it seemed to do the trick for her, baby Molly arrived the next day in fact (so I'm totally claiming that one).

1) Confidence breeds relaxation, and relaxation breeds oxytocin - So, chill out, you’ve got this! The baby will come when it’s ready... and if you don't believe me I'll explain how to you. Your baby really is the one who decides when to be born. Mother Nature has it all planned, when your baby's lungs are ready they release a protein, this travels up to the mums brain which triggers a cascade of hormones to be released. It's these that then start the process of labour, initially with softening your cervix. We really are finely tuned machines.


2) Talking of oxytocin, Have you got any? Cortisol kills our love hormone, so don’t let people stress you out - Fuck em! Lie about your EDD to everyone (yes I didn’t even tell my mother) it helps to reduce those stress inducing chasing messages ‘baby here yet?’


3) Enjoy an evening with ya baby Daddy, once a newborn is around it’ll be a while. So go to dinner, watch a movie, have a nap together.... get kissing 😉


4) Watch birth videos and read positive stories...... look at those tiny newborns and visualise yourself doing it, just the way you’ve imagined. Take a look at Tell Me a Good Birth Story and start to feel ready to have your day. Re-read the first point.... confidence breeds relaxation, which breeds oxytocin production.