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Measles know the facts

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

what does the measles rash look like
Measles Rash

If you’re reading this blog then you are likely to fall into one of these three categories,

1) you suspect your child might have measles

2) You’re debating the immunisation (MMR) and want to know more

3) you’ve seen me moaning about how horrible my son having measles was and want to be prepared just in case.

Whichever you are, educating yourself is so important and the facts might actually surprise you. They did me! I guess I always knew measles wasn’t a very nice illness, it must be pretty bad to vaccinate against it, right? But mentally I’d put it in the same box as chicken pox and wow how wrong I was. I don’t want to come across as ranty in this post, it’s about the facts after all but this disease is preventable, and it makes me so angry that I had to watch my baby boy being so poorly all because of someone else’s decision not to vaccinate their child. I received so many supportive messages when I shared that Rory was ill and to be honest I needed them. As with any baby when they are poorly it is exhausting; you're lacking sleep, me time and by the end of two weeks in the house I was starting to lose my sanity too. It also took it's toll on my older daughter as the baby was pretty much glued to me for 14 days and she started playing up to get attention which added to stress in all honesty I found myself in tears a fair bit over those weeks.

You may have noticed that there is a lot in the news at the moment as the UK has lost its measles free status. There has been 219 reported cases already this year! As a highly infectious disease one case of measles will infect 15-20 others.