• Jemma

My birth story

I'm never quite sure whether it's my birth story or Everley's as she really was the one who was born. On the day my 8lb 1oz baby girl came into the world she took us (well most people) by surprise. She decided enough was enough and she was ready to meet the world on the 28th April, which scarily is a date I'd always said from the moment we found out we were expecting - Seems there is something to be said for mothers intuition. At 39+2 she was a few days ahead of her due date, but I'd always said my baby was going to come early (even though I tried to convince myself she'd be late just in case).

It was the third week of my maternity leave and after the perfect two weeks of getting everything sorted in the house we'd just moved into I started to get a bored and had decided I was ready to meet my baby now. Spoilt princesses attitude I know. The day before she arrived had been a busy one, a NCT meet up in the morning where I cuddled another baby and willed my bump to get jealous (seems it worked). Then onto a long walk with the dog. We did a circuit I'd been doing regularly while on maternity leave, but always found tired me out as much as our bulldog. However on this day it turned out not to be the case, by the time I had got back home I was still full of energy and not out of breath at all which made a nice change. This was my first sign that labour might be around the corner and in the back of my mind I allowed myself to think for one second that this might be the energy burst everyone talks about. That evening I was off to meet some mums who had experienced a home birth and little did I know I'd be adding my story quite so soon.

Looking back I am sure this meeting helped little E make her appearance the next day. After speaking with the two mums and my doula I felt full of confidence and buzzing with the excitement of meeting my baby soon. It was almost as if something clicked and the meeting gave me the motivation to think "right I'm up for this" and to meet it head on.

Once home I was still full of energy (it was gone 10pm and I'd been going to bed by 9pm the whole of my third trimester) I couldn't get to sleep and found it hard to get comfortable, but what's new. I finally drifted off, then was jolted awake by my first contraction at 2am. I didn't want to get my hopes up so tried to convince myself it was just Braxton Hicks and my body preparing its self. After an hour I decided to go and make a hot water bottle to help ease the uncomfortable aches and waddled down to the kitchen. My biggest worry was trying to not wake the dog! Then I had a moment of realisation when I figured pouring boiling water into a tiny hole would be much safer with the light on and the dog would survive the early wake up call.

After laying in bed watching the minutes tick by at 3.30am I woke my partner and said, "guess what I was right this baby is coming today". He laughed at me and responded "bloody hell you're always right", then asked if I needed anything and I told him to just hold my hand and go back to sleep. I'd promised myself I'd last until 5.30am to phone our doula Natalie and once that time arrived we made the call. Though my partner was worried about waking her and I had to reassure him that it's her job and she's pretty used to calls at all hours.