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My Stilettos to strollers by A Mothers Edit

Every month we talk to a mum you might recognise, about her journey from girl-about-town to stylish mummy. This month I sat down with Ashley, otherwise known as the face behind A Mothers Edit to find out more about her journey into motherhood and top tips for mums to be.

Mum with newborn baby
Ashley as a new mum

What would be your one tip to a pregnant first time mum? 

Listen to your body... throughout your pregnancy, during the birth, and postpartum. You know what you need what you don’t need, when you want to see people and when you want to stay in bed with your new baby and enjoy the bubble. Don’t be afraid to do what it’s telling you it needs. 

How did you prepare for your baby’s birth? Is there anything you would do differently? 

I took a whole month off before having my first. It was bliss... I got to shop for all the essentials and properly rest. Very different experience to the second pregnancy with a two year old running around. We never had a babymoon though and looking back I would have loved that time with my husband before our lives changed so much. Even just a weekend of pampering somewhere in the UK and having one to one time. 

What is your must have hospital bag item? 

Nipple cream! I got through so much of it!!!

Describe your birth experience in five words. 

Best day of my life. 

Those early days of motherhood can be quite lonely, what did you do for emotional, physical and practical support? 

I had such anxiety after my first. I think it was a mixture of loneliness, but also so much free time and no structure of going into work everyday and seeing the same people doing the same things. I felt a bit lost. With the second I made sure I told people if I ever felt a little low or anxious and the support I had was incredible. 

Stylish pregnant woman
Ashley pregnant with baby number two

As a woman your body changes so much through pregnancy, birth and postnatally. How did you find dressing for your new shape? What are your top tips for dressing a bump and then postnatally?

It's now two and a half years since I had my second and my body is still very similar to how it was the six months afterwards. I bought all new jeans, shirts and shirt dresses which have been life savers especially when breastfeeding. I’d wear jumpers with a little H&M black vest underneath so I could pull that down and my jumper up to breastfeed. I think mostly though just try on different things and see what makes me you feel good. What makes you smile when you look in the mirror. 

For many women their confidence can dip after having a baby, what advice can you give new mums to boost their self-esteem?  

Take time to look after yourself. Do a bit of exercise to get the happy hormones pumping. Don’t underestimate the power of a good self tan. Online shopping means trying clothes on in the comfort of your bedroom no horrid changing rooms lights or pressure of being quick. And be kind to yourself... speak to yourself as if you’re speaking to your best friend.

As  a mummy it can be hard to fit in ‘me time’, how do you make sure you get yours? 

I joined a gym with a crèche when my youngest was six months old and it’s been incredible. 

You can follow Ashley on Instagram @amothersedit or check out her webpage here

Mum with baby and toddler
Ashley Wilson with daughters


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