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My Stilettos to Strollers Journey - by Tabitha Willett

Every month we talk to a mum you might recognise, about her journey from girl-about-town to stylish mummy. This month the blogger and style influencer Tabitha Willett, who you might remember from E4's Made in Chelsea shares her top tips and experiences with us. She recently joined the gang after having her daughter Ottilie in June 2019 at Chelsea & Westminster hospital.

mother and newborn baby
Tabitha with new born Ottilie

What would be your one tip to a pregnant first time mum?

Just be kind to yourself - I was so excited to be pregnant and so disheartened when I found it so difficult. Eat what you want, sleep when you want, cry when you want and don't feel bad about cancelling any and all plans if you simply just don't feel like going.

How did you prepare for your baby’s birth? Is there anything you would do differently?

I prepared for every type of birth that could possibly come my way. I did hypnobirthing lessons as this was my preference, I spoke to some C section mummies about how dignified and civilised a planned C section was and I also kept a very open mind towards pain relief. I oddly enough wasn't anxious about the birth at all, but the later weeks of pregnancy I found myself panicking a lot about what I would need after the baby came home! I wish someone had told me just the few basics that are necessary and nothing else mattered - bottles, formula, steriliser, breast pump, loads of plain white onesies and about 200 nappies! I also got my cleaner to come the day I went into labour as I wanted to make sure we were going to bring baby home to a clean house and clean sheets. 

What is your must have hospital bag item?

Some shower shoes! No one told me this and I ended up showering in my slippers - as wonderful a job as the NHS does, I promise you DO NOT want to have a shower bare foot in the loos provided after giving birth. so pack flip flops or slides or something waterproof in case you need to stay for a whole week on the post-labour ward like I did. 

Describe your birth experience in five words.

Long, Unpredictable, Beautiful, Scary, Exciting. (This is an odd one as it was a really traumatic birth after quite a horrible pregnancy but I seem to look back on it and smile!)

Those early days of motherhood can be quite lonely, what did you do for emotional, physical and practical support?

We were very lucky to have some money to put towards some help at the beginning and I decided that I wanted a housekeeper over someone to help me with the baby. Your midwife is still on call at the beginning and my mother, father and step mother were all around for any advice that I needed. So just waking up to a hot cup of tea, clean house, clean laundry and have someone to make my bed was just a godsend! Like living in a hotel! And a whole lot cheaper than a night-nurse! We had a lovely lady come 5 days a week for a few hours a day starting at 7am. In terms of mental support, I know it could have very easily gone the other way, but I was just on cloud 9 in my baby bubble so actually didn't