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The search for the perfect buggy

In the past 18 months it’s amazing how many different pushchairs I’ve tried and it’s also interesting how differently you look at them when it comes to baby number two. If I’m completely honest when I chose my initial buggy, yes I did a geeky comparison chart, looking at weight, size (folded & up), basket capacity, if it could convert into a double etc etc... but 85% was purely down to style and I loved the look of the Joolz Geo in Gris. So we went with that. I’ll also still be using it as my double pushchairs once we get the extension pack.

When Liv was a few months old we realised we did a fair bit of travel and needed a lighter weight option too, so went with the MacClaren Techno XT. Now with number two on the way I’m looking at my options and my priorities have completely changed.

While we’ve been away we’ve been lucky enough to be lent a BabyZen YoYo which I’ve completely fallen in love with. Not only the fact it folds up small enough to go in the overhead locker on the plane (life saver when you land late at night and have a sleeping baby to carry though immigration) but also it steers beautifully, it’s light weight and my 18 month year old actually wants to get in it! Shock horror! I went to the beach alone with her yesterday and normally handling a buggy, beach bag, bump and run away toddler would be pretty stressful. But the fact I could click it shut with one hand and pop it on my shoulder with the carry strap meant I could take everything down at once, no issue of deciding which item to leave at the top of the steps while I ran down with the other two. My husband even loves it and he’s 6”5 and normally moans about handle height. I’m already researching buggy boards and the new born bassinet.

I’ve also had my eye on the Baby Jogger City Mini, I have a few friends that have these and rave about them so I’m very tempted to invest in a second hand version for those long park walks with our dog. Trying to juggle two babies, a dog and folding up a pram already sounds like a tear inducing palaver so I want to make my life as easy as possible and with the one hand fold mechanism the city jogger sounds like a winner to me. I’ll be heading to John Lewis to give it a proper test once I’m back in the uk and will update on the final decision.

Baby number one was all about having the prettiest, most fashionable stuff and mr number two is all about practicability. My main purchasing decision revolves around making my life as simple as can be with two under two.

Any other recommendations glad received.


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