• Jemma

Third Trimester Beauty

I don't profess to be a beauty expert by any means, but there are a few products that I swear by in pregnancy and after so I thought I'd share what's on my night stand in these final weeks. The key for me is trying to keep the second trimester glow well into those final weeks of being bumptastic and during your forth trimester (the first weeks after your baby is born). I find that it's anything that can cover the tired eyes and add a bit of a fresh dewy look to your skin, eg looking like you've had eight hours sleep. I have linked to all the products below at the best prices I could find and explained why they are my must haves.

Beauty Must Haves

I'm a huge Dermalogica fan and I use this to help revitalise tired skin as a weekly treat, it does what it says on the tin - Dermalogica Multivitamin power recovery masque