• Jemma

What's the deal with a homebirth

A homebirth is one of the choices that is available to us as expectant parents and yet it only makes up 2% of births here in the UK. But there was a time that having your baby at home was considered the norm and you only went into hospital when something was wrong.

So in this day in age with all the medical intervention on offer, why did I choose to have a homebirth? Well I’m glad you asked.

The second time around it’s been a no brainer, after a positive experience last time I knew straight away I wanted to have my second baby in the same environment. In all honesty, you just can’t beat getting into bed, all three of you (mum, dad & baby), and having pizza and tea together without any hospital smells, sounds or people surrounding you. Yes, I had doubts the first time, who wouldn’t when you are constantly asked if you’re mad? If I’m honest I debated if I should do it again this time around too, but more in the name of research as I talk through what to expect in hospital on my course but I have to admit I don’t have a first-hand experience of that.

I know I still haven’t answered the question, why did I choose a home birth (much to my mothers displeasure) for my first baby? Well, I made an educated guess is the honest answer. After attending active birth yoga and hearing some lovely stories of homebirths, then also attending hypnobirthing Ross and I quite liked the sounds of the pro’s.

  • No deciding when we should head in to the birth centre

  • No stressful drive to the hospital

  • Two midwives with you and only you

  • Home antenatal visits

  • Being in the comfort of your own home

  • 100% guarantee you’ll have a birthing pool

  • Getting in to your own bed afterwards

  • All the same pain relief and treatment that is on offer at the birth centre available to you

Of course, we were both worried about the con’s side of things, not being at a hospital should anything go wrong mainly. So I looked into it and as I always flag I’m slightly OCD on needing to know every ounce of information when I make a decision. So, I researched, researched and researched…. Looking into the figures reassured what I already knew, that labour isn’t a medical emergency like it’s shown to be in the movies. You are not hurt or injured in-need of fixing by doctors, your body is preforming a completely natural act, that surprise, surprise it does know how to do whether you want it to or not.